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Breaking News by Corkipedia:This morning 18th April 2012, four protestors claiming to be from international rights group Greenpeace staged an hour-long protest on the roof of Apple's European Headquarters in Cork, Ireland.The protestors went on to the roof of the Apple building at Holyhill in Cork at around 7am.

It is understood the protest was in relation to the use of coal to power data centres for cloud computing.A sign in the windows at Apple read "Clean Our Cloud".

Gardai and the fire service were called. The protestors came down voluntarily after an hour.

Greenpeace, which praised Apple's energy policy in Ireland, also staged protests over cloud computing centres in Turkey and Luxembourg. It is angered over the use of coal generated energy for new cloud sites.

Iris Cheng, campaigner from Greenpeace International, said some major IT companies are not innovative enough about how they power their centres.She said "The irony here in Cork is that Apple's HQ is powered by renewable energy sources. The much needed jobs this HQ provides to the local community are also increasing the jobs in the Irish renewable energy sector. Apple has shown it can power with clean energy in Cork, it is now time to clean up globally."

It is understood to be part of a series of protests taking place across Europe.

On April 17th 2012, Greenpeace issued the following report How clean is your Cloud?

Apple issued a response to the above report to the New York Times, in which it disputed Greenpeace’s estimate as to the energy usage required to operate its planned cloud computing base in North Carolina. According to the statement, Apple’s date centre would consume about 20 million watts at full capacity, which is just one-fifth of what Greenpeace estimated. Kristin Huguet, a spokeswoman for Apple, added that the company is building an array of solar panels and set of fuel cells to offset energy use from the grid in North Carolina.


Protest leaflets/handouts

Leaflets aimed at Apple employees were handed out by protestors. A copy of the leaflets can be found below:

Protest Leaflet 1:"Will you help Apple lead the clean Cloud revolution"

Protest Leaflet 2:"Here's how Apple can lead a clean Cloud revolution"

Gpleaflet1.JPG GPLeaflet2.JPG

Exclusive photos

Exclusive photos taken for Corkipedia via camera phone.



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